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virginia employment commission

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Commonwealth of Virginia DHRM Form 10-012 Rev. 9/03 Please print in ink preferably black or use typewriter Number of attachments Application for Employment Position number Employees of the Commonwealth and applicants for employment shall be afforded equal opportunity in all aspects of employment without regard to race color religion political affiliation national origin disability marital status gender or age. Month Year 14. CERTIFICATION--Each Application Requires Current Date and Original...
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Comments and Help with dhrm

If a person has a disability that prevents them from completing an application, they should contact the institution directly to discuss any accommodations that may be available to them. Depending on the nature of the disability, the individual may need to provide documentation of the disability in order to receive accommodations. The institution should be able to provide further information on what documentation may be needed.

Who needs the DRM Form 10-012?

Any person applying for employment in the Commonwealth of Virginia needs this form.

What is the purpose of the DRM Form 10-012?

The DRM Form 10-012 is an application for employment.

What documents should accompany the DRM Form 10-012?

The agency announcing the vacancy may request the applicant to provide other documents along with the form.

What information should be provided?

The applicant provides the following information: position applied for; agency; SSN; full legal name; address; home and business phones; e-mail address.

In section 9 “Education”, the applicant should indicate the highest grade he completed; number of years of post high school education; name and location of institution; degree received; specialty or major; minor; dates attended.

Section 10 “Experience” contains the following entries: job title; employer; type of business; immediate supervisor; title; salary; duties; number and titles of employees under the applicant’s supervision; equipment used; reasons for leaving; additional information including training, seminars, workshops, achievements; special skills; automation word processing; typing speed; shorthand speed; licenses, certificates or other authorization to practice a profession or trade.

In section 11 “References”, the applicant should provide names, addresses, and relationships or three persons not related to the applicant who know the applicant’s qualifications.

Section 12 “Miscellaneous” contains the following entries: (a) acceptable shifts (day, evening, night, rotating, weekends); (b) job status (full-time or part-time); (c) employment status (salaried, hourly, part-time salaried); (d) possibility to travel; list of the geographic locations where the applicant is willing to work; willingness to provide transportation; question about US employment legality; question about registration for the Selective Service; question about convictions for violations of law; date when the applicant would be available to start work.

In section 14 the applicant certifies that all entries are true and complete and that he understands and agrees that any falsification may cause forfeiture of any employment in the service of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The applicant dates and signs the DRM Form 10-012.

Finally, the applicant indicates the racial and ethnic group he belongs to; the highest level of education the applicant completed; and gender.

Where do I send the DRM Form 10-012?

The applicant should send this form directly to the agency announcing the vacancy.

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Hey guys it's your girl teen I want to go ahead and shut up Jarrett Meyers Jared sent me this crazy story is coming out of vicious ass Virginia so what happened is that there's a 31-year-old man named Kevin Monroe and summer Monroe was so desperate to go get a job he wanted to McDonald's, and he talked to the hiring manager, and they told him that you have to go online and for locked up job application, and he told him that he didn't have access to a computer, and he wanted a paper application they refused to give it to him, so he pulled out a handgun, and he threatened the manager to go give him a paper application, so the manager goes in grabs from a paper application Kevin sits down he starts filling out the application and while I was going to doubt the manager pause the police and police coming to rest on um there's no move stuff to go with this story but this story to me is just really sad it screams a lot of different dynamics to me for a man to want a job that bad says a lot you know everybody said think Tommy's getting better and Obama and all them seven economies you know I was on an upward climb that's getting better if this store doesn't prove to you that the economy is not getting better and that social economics is getting worse for people of color I don't know what else do you know for this man to be so desperate to pull out a gun and want a job application, and after he did that he sat there lifeless, and he's stupid while he sits there but that just shows you this man's desperation she's set there and literally filled out all his growth information on the job application that's how bad he wanted the job you know while I'm not saying it's okay for him to plot a gun that's never okay threatened somebody who are good on them this situation is sad I think folks need to look at the bigger picture of how desperate people are right now looking for work there's a lot of work that's not out here for people like we were getting laid off there's nothing good about this economy right now some get so comfortable or let you know the media or let you know the politicians fool you into thinking that everything in this country is getting better a lot of libraries in the hood they don't allow you to just surf freely they've changed a lot of rules over the years you know everybody does not have access to internet if I don't have access to an iPad, so I feel really, awful for this man I do think that they should be an option for people to fill out paper applications you know, and I hate doing the whole online thing is such an annoying process it's a lot quicker and a lot easier to fill out a hand application but again that does not negate the fact that this man put out a gun on this man who is doing nothing more than his job you know it doesn't make it okay, but it does make me say that somebody was willing to risk their freedom and go to jail all over a job application, so we're going to have to see what happens with this case so anyways go ahead...


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